Catalan translation of the store images

I let you there the Catalan text for the store images:

Subscriviu-vos als vostres\npòdcasts preferits
Personalitzeu la velocitat\nde reproducció
Estalvieu temps amb\nbaixades automàtiques
Trieu el tema que més\nus agradi
Adapteu AntennaPod\na les vostres necessitats
Descobriu milers\nde pòdcasts
Gaudiu dels pòdcasts. A tota hora. A tot arreu.

If anything else is needed, just let me know!

Hi @and4po, I just generated the store images with Catalan titles. Please have a look and confirm that everything’s OK :smiley:

Thank you!
Yeah, they look great! However, I just realized that the 2nd one (4th on the text I sent) it would be maybe better like this Trieu el tema que\nmés us agradi. (Changing the new line characters) I think it would look better, but only if it’s not a big problem for you…

Not a problem, please see below.

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It looks fantastic! Thank you really much!

@ByteHamster Would you be able to run that new script of yours to create localised screenshots? Would be nice if we could release 3.3 with a bunch of fully localised play store images.

I just ran the script