Catalan website translations

Hi @and4po @femmdi,

The Catalan preview of the website is ready (via antennapod/ #324):

It seems that the documentation isn’t fully translated yet, while that’s the part that’s most useful for non-English-speakers. So I would suggest to complete that first, and then pull the updates to the Catalan preview.

And then we need to find someone that can do the proofread/peer review.

Hey, thanks for deploying it!
I’ll get on the documentation translation this weekend because I’m quite busy these days. When I finish it, I’ll let you know by mentioning you on this post.
And about finding someone to proofread, I’ll try to find someone and also let you know!

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I have a question that I think we already talked about on a meeting, but I don’t remember what was the conclusion we reached (forgive my bad memory :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:).

So the question is: on the docs, there are some internal links like this one [here](/documentation/getting-started/subscribe), in other languages these links aren’t chanced to add the language prefix, so the link gets to the English documentation. I think that the expected behavior would be to redirect to the translated docu. Maybe it’s better to change it from the web code, so instead of using an absolute link, it would need to take in account the language link that’s used.

EDIT: Forget all that I said, I just saw that you already opened an issue for that on the web repo. I used some Jekyll time ago, so maybe I can take a look to that.

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Hi @and4po,

Just a kind reminder about the translations for the documentation. It’d be great, if you could find the time & energy, wrap that up. Then we can announce it on our socials to help find a reviewer.

Thank you very much for reminding me. I’ve a lot of things in mind, and I totally forgot about that. I’ll get into that as soon as I can, hopefully during this week.

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