Change storage path, what to do with older files?

Hello to all Antennapod users,

after using Antennapod for a few months now (Android 11) I have a new memory card. Here I would like to store the new podcast files. For this I found the setting to change the data folder and it also shows me the path to the memory card.

Before I change the storage path I want to make sure what happens to the previously saved files that are in the main memory of the device.
Q1: Will they be copied to the card?
Q2: If not, can I use the files from both memories at the same time or do I always have to “switch over”?

Please don’t get angry if the question(s) are already asked/answered. I have not found anything suitable, maybe because my englich is so bad. And some posts concern much older versions of the app.

Kind regards from Wiesbaden (Germany)


App version: 2.5.1 (from F-Droid)
Android version: 12
Device model: Sony Xperia 1 iii (XQ-BC 52)

No, they stay in the old location. There is a feature request to allow for moving them to the new location but that is not implemented yet.

Yes, you can. After changing the setting, new downloads go to the new location but you can still play downloads from the old location.

Don’t worry, there should be no risk changing the folder :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply!
So I dared to try that right away. It works completely without problems! Even much easier than I thought.

Since you can still access both memory locations and also the deletion (eg the heard) episodes in both memories is possible, I do not need this feature. - If I absolutely needed space on the device memory, I could manually copy the files to the card. - But others it may certainly be helpful!

By the way, it would be helpful if there was a forum section in German for people like me who don’t/barely know English and have to work with translation programs.
The documentation (English / French) helps me because of the many necessary technical terms only very awkward.
That the app is in German - thanks, already for that! - made it possible for me to use it at all. I could imagine that some users will really appreciate the potential of the app with some “language support”. That should also further fuel its spread.
But that’s just an idea. I’m already pretty happy right now. :slight_smile:

That won’t work, unfortunately. AntennaPod explicitly remembers which files were on the external memory and which on the internal. If you want to move existing downloads, currently the easiest option is to delete and re-download them. The new downloads then go to the new data folder.

The problem with that is that we then need to answer all questions multiple times in multiple languages. While there are quite some active users on the forum, I fear that having multiple languages would lead to fewer solved topics overall.

The website is rather new and will probably also be translated to German at some point :slight_smile: (we are all volunteers, so it just needs someone to step up and do it)

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