Change swipe gestures: Remove NEW tag, then mark as played, then unplayed

App version: 2.5.1 from Google Play store

Problem you may be having, or feature you want: i find it enerving to long press every new episode and remove the new tag manually.
I found out that it’s possible to set a swipe gesture to remove the new tag. However this only works once.

Suggested solution: create new swipe option to:

First remove new tag on swipe
Then mark as played on swipe
Then mark as unplayed on swipe

(Similar to alternating add and remove the playlist on swipe!)

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

The “Mark as played” swipe action kind of does that. It does

new → played → unplayed → played → unplayed → …

Your request is basically the inverse operation, so something like

new → unplayed → played → unplayed → played → …

I like your idea more than the existing behavior because going from new directly to played “abuses” the played status. The episodes are not actually played then.

@keunes do you think we can simply change the swipe action without making some users unhappy? I mean, we did not release the inbox yet, so for average users, this only applies to the feed specific screen.


I think it’s logical that mark as played mark an episode played first.
I didn’t check but is there an unplayed action which would have the correct order? (It would make more sense)

Edit : checked it and unplayed do not exists. At least unplayed should be renamed “toggle play state” or something similar, so going to unplayed from new then would feel expected
In podcast action unmark as new feel also redundant :smiley:

Given that new → played is kind of wrong, I think it is enough to have one single action.


Yeah, that action is a bit more clear when thinking about the inbox. I don’t expect users who use the inbox to select “toggle play state” when they want to remove something from the inbox (even though it would work).

Sorry to reply only now - I think the inversion makes sense! ByteHamster already implemented the improvement:


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