Chapter Images not displayed for me

App version: 2.0.2 F-Droid/

Android version: 9

Expected behaviour:
The podcast main logo is replaced with the 4 chapter images for chapters 5,6,7,8 starting at about 32m 51 seconds into the podcast.

Current behaviour:
All i see is the main logo of the show for the entire duration

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)
right now

Affected file in question

The pictures get displayed in VLC though.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

That podcast specifies chapters in two locations: The feed and the media files. The feed says that there are no images and the media file says that there are images. AntennaPod currently prefers the feed when there is conflicting information. I already contacted them about this but it does not look like they want to add the images to the feed, too.

In version 2.1 (not released yet), AntennaPod will try to merge both chapter lists together if they look similar enough.

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Is there some commandline tool or python script that could extract the images in the meantime?

None that I know of. AntennaPod 2.1.0-RC2 is now being rolled out to beta testers on Google Play. It will probably take some time before it comes to F-Droid, though.

Version 2.1 didn’t fix the problem. I don’t see chapter images in any podcast I subscribed to. Can you point to a podcast with working chapter marks.

The only podcast I know that uses chapter images is the one listed above. You can subscribe by entering this link into AntennaPod: or, depending on the web browser you use, by clicking here.

Do chapterimages work for you with that podcast? I don’t see any.

Yes, they do. Where did you look for the images? Did you try swiping to the right 2 times on the player screen?

I see them now. I subscribed to the wrong feed (Lage der Nation - der Politik-Podcast aus Berlin), not mp3. That’s the feed, that is advertised on their website.

There’s also a little preview next to the chapter mark, too. Thank you.

Opened a bug report #5007.