Cheer for AntennaPod 3.0.2

After discovering AntennaPod’s latest update on GitHub, I was excited to upgrade, only to realize that there was no pre-built apk file available. When I couldn’t find the update on Google Play, I decided to join the beta testing program. The newly added Home screen is truly fantastic; I had previously struggled with AntennaPod’s unintuitive user experience design, as the app would often exit when I returned. The Home screen significantly improves the user experience, as returning now leads to the Home screen instead of exiting the app.
Overall, I think the AntennaPod team did an excellent job, and I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to you! Very grateful for all the hard work the entire AntennaPod team put into this update.


I did the same. Checked for a pre built APK but no luck. Both Google play and fdroid are still on the older stable version.

Will just have to wait patiently for the update to come through.

Can one select which page is shown on app open, or it’s always the same homescreen now? While I’m looking forward to trying the new update, one of my favorite features of this app is it opens to whichever page you were on last. Since I mainly listen to one podcast, it is very convenient and streamlined for me to be brought to podcast page each time upon open…

I’m sure I could always get the apk of an older version if I prefer :slight_smile:. Love this app, love the developers!

There is a settings in user interface which allow to choose default screen.

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Hi Friends, what’s the estimate on when the new version will be available in the app stores? Thanks for your hard work!

@sandjuan It’ll be somewhere the coming days :slight_smile: Coordinating releases on multiple platforms is always a bit tricky.

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