Chromecast support option is unavailable

App version: 2.3.1 (8b183915b) (F-Droid)

Android version: 10

Device model: OnePlus 6

Expected behaviour: Trying to enable chromecast support

Current behaviour: Chromecast support setting is disabled and grayed out with the following message: “Chromecast requires third party proprietary libraries that are disabled in this version of antennaPod”

First occurred: After installation

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Settings
  2. Playback
  3. Experimental → Chromecast Support

Environment: Default settings

Not sure if Chromecast is not supported because of I’m using an F-Droid version or because of some missing libraries. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any mentions of the issue.

Chromecast is a closed-source library by Google, which is not allowed on F-Droid.

Got it, thanks. How do other apps like VLC go around it?

I think they re-implemented the chromecast library in their desktop player and use the same binary for Android. This is not something we could easily use, though.

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