Configurable button(s) on top of queue screen

Samsung galaxy S9 SM-G960F android v10 Antennna Version 3.3.2

Could the button shown on the top of the queue screen be user configurable? Users who want the refresh button back could have it and others could have sort or search.

Are you able to pull down to refresh?

Pulling down causes the list to scroll. It only becomes refresh when I finally get to the top of the list.

If you work from the end of a long list, you may find it easier to pull down from the home page. You’re always at or near the top of the home page And I believe that initiates the same refresh.

We also still have the refresh option behind one extra tap: the three dots. There’s also work going on to make automatic refresh smarter (Proposal: Smart Refresh Interval).

Sorry, we won’t make the top bar configurable, as it makes the app more complex to maintain while there are other options available.

For a longer discussion, please refer to Changed refresh.