Confirm mobile download - option to remember preference

When selecting to download an episode while I am on mobile network (i.e. not on wifi) I get prompted to choose whether I want to download later, cancel the download or download anyway.

I appreciate this implementation but I would want AntennaPod to remember my choice, or rather to be prompted to set AntennaPod to remember my choice. I almost always choose to download later and I would appreciate not having to specify that every single time.

If this is being implemented, it would probably be wise to add a way to force download, for example in the menu that appears when I long click an episode in the queue, inbox or episodes list. This for the rare occasions when a user wants to bypass the chosen default setting.

App version: 3.3.2 from Google Play.

In Settings | Downloads in the Details section in ‘Mobile updates’ do you have all check boxes checked?

No. I have unchecked “Episode download” and “Auto download”. The rest are checked.

Wouldn’t you having unchecked Episode download explain the behavior? If you check it for Episode download then I would think it wouldn’t prompt you every time and would just download using mobile data.

I guess it would but that’s not what I want. Maybe I was unclear. I appreciate and regularly use the option to download later. What this option does is that it makes AntennaPod download the episode as soon as my phone is on wifi again, but not before that.

That’s what I want to set as default behavior but I can’t find a way to do that.

I don’t think it can wake up like that. I think “later” means you can decide when you want to download it.

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No. Later means exactly what I said it means. As soon as I’m back on wifi, the episode is being downloaded. Try it for yourself.

I’m happy with the way things work. What I want is for AntennaPod to remember my preference so that I won’t have to make a choice every single time.

I think you need to have the global Automatic Download option turned on to get it to work closest to the way you want it to.

If you don’t want all episodes of all podcasts automatically downloaded then you can tweak that in the settings for any podcasts you want to exclude from automatic downloading totally or by keyword per episode.

You would still need to select to confirm if you wanted to go ahead and download over a mobile connection but the need for that would be greatly reduced as your episodes would largely have already been downloaded from the last refresh trigger when on wi-fi.

Thanks for the suggestion. That would solve part of the problem but it would also clutter my queue. It would make all the episodes of my main podcasts (those not excluded from auto download) bypass my inbox and go straight to the queue, which I don’t want.

Also, while I appreciate the suggestion I wasn’t really looking for a workaround. I wanted to suggest a feature that I think would be useful to many people, and that also (I assume) would be quite easy to implement. The code is already there, we just need a way to make the selection stick.

TBH if I were concerned about eating into my mobile data allowance (which I am not given the good deal I am on) then I would always want to be warned when choosing to download an episode while not on wi-fi. Even previously, when on not such a good deal, I would (and still do) make sure I download anything I am planning to listen to that day or soon while on wi-fi but that is more because the mobile data coverage can be patchy around some of the countryside I can be out and about in. The exception of course being new episodes of topical podcasts which you want to listen to as soon as it becomes available.

It used to be possible to remember the choice made for 10 minutes, but the feature was lost during a rewrite and not yet re-implemented.

You can follow this issue for updates.

I didn’t know. Thanks for the information.