Continous playback in queue not working

App version: 3.3.2
Android version: 14
Device model: Xiaomi 12

Expected behaviour: I’ve enabled continuous playback in the queue settings. I’d expect that if the current podcast ends, the audio will continue with the next podcast in line.

Current behaviour: I’ve got the problem that when one episode ends the next one does’nt start automatically, the next episode must be started manually anyway.
Is this only a problem with my settings?

First occurred: I’m using antennapod first time…

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Welcome to AntennaPod. I started using it a couple months ago myself and I’m liking it.

Are you my any chance talking about what happens after the last item in the queue plays? It’s normal that it stops playing after the last item rather than jumping to the top of the queue.

that it stops after playing the last item is ok.
But if I have e.g. 10 items it stops after playing the first item! Is there any other setting as continuous playback in the queue settings?

Just to clarify, when you say “first item” is that the one at the top or at the bottom of the list in the queue?

Just had a play to check and the top of the list is the first one which then continues to the last one which is at the bottom of the list. If play the last/bottom item then it indeed stops playback when it ends as it has reached the end of the queue.

There are sort options to put the list in the play order you want which can be tweaked manually.

Sorry if that came across as all too obvious but thinking that I prefer my Inbox sorted newest to oldest while I would usually prefer them played in the Queue from oldest to newest so the list of episodes would show as reversed which means you have to remember the context as to what makes sense.

The only option that should matter is Settings » Playback » Queue section » Continueous playback (which should, obviously, be enabled)

I’m so sorry for my mistake, but gomezz gave the right hint for the solution: the first item in list is the first item in the queue :joy:
Continous play works from top to bottom and not from bottom to top - that is clear and I was on a wrong way because my play-order and sort-order of podcasts was wrong (newest on top, oldest on bottom and wish to play from the oldest to the newest one). Now, by sorting the other direction everything works fine!
Distressing, that I made this mistake! :smirk: and thank you all for your answers!

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