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App version: 2.6.2

Android version: 11

Device model: moto edge 20 lite

Expected behaviour: when download failed, next download should continue in previous one

Current behaviour: when download failed, next download starts from begin. if I remember well time ago it continued where it started (maybe it took second to jump from 0 to already downloaded percents and than already continued, for some server-related cases slowly, to 100%)

First occurred: weeks ago? do I remember it well it was working well? somehow depends on server and server changed?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. start downloading episode, x% are downloaded
  2. make it fail (leave your wifi zone?)
  3. start downloading again, it starts from 0% again

Environment: nothing special, I think

Stacktrace/Logcat: ?

AntennaPod does continue the download if the server supports that. Some (badly configured) servers don’t. Maybe you tried it with another podcast, or the podcast host broke their server configuration. I can have a look if you post the feed address.

Last one, thank you

V redakcii: Minister Korčok: Demisiu mám pripravenú

Webová stránka epizódy: Minister Korčok: Demisiu mám pripravenú

Mediálny súbor:

Works fine on my device, using that same feed. Could you please take a screen recording showing what is going on on your device? Note that the download will not be resumed when pressing the “cancel” button. Only if it fails, eg because you turn off WiFi

real example, less than 2 hours old
new ‘week with .week’ episode, in first hours after release usually very slow download, later you will not experience it

1st image from 18:47, teen percents downloaded

after this I’m leaving home, without wifi download stops, icon right to episode looks like before any downloading (such arrow down)

2nd image 18:50, I’m clicked icon again again, approved using mobile data - it starts from 0%

3rd image 18:51 because of slow download still somewhere near 0 = does not jump to teen percent

.týždeň: Týždeň s .týždňom: Prečo bol krok Sulíka brilantným a ako nám Gorbačov daroval čas, ktorý sme nevyužili

Webová stránka epizódy: Týždeň s .týždňom: Prečo bol krok Sulíka brilantným a ako nám Gorbačov daroval čas, ktorý sme nevyužili

Mediálny súbor:

Woah, that’s a real potato server… My guess would be that the server returns some error code when trying to start the download in the middle of an episode while it is overloaded.

So resuming downloads does work with other podcasts, right?

yes, now I’ve seen also functional cases (and mostly it is quick so no interruption happens)
if this depends on server, then it is probably not AP bug

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