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Antennapod 2.7.1 Google Play

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Currently, while podcasts are playing, if I want to switch off continuous playback, I need to Minimise the player, head to settings, drill into playback and toggle it from there.

Would it be possible to add a toggle button to the player that turns on/off continuous playback?

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Please implement this. For me, this is a huge annoyance having to drill into settings to do this.

This has been discussed and a toggle for this won’t be implemented. However, there is a ticket to add “End of track” to the sleep timer options. This would allow you to effectively disable continuous playback for temporarily (for 1 episode), e.g. when going to bed or hopping on the bike.

Details here: Sleep Timer: Stop at end of episode · Issue #2146 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub