Contribute to project with Kotlin language

Hi, I want to contribute to AntennaPod project but, I’m learning Kotlin and android development, and my question is if is necessary contribute with java only, or I can send my code in Kotlin?


Hi @Omar_Rodriguez:

Welcome to the AP developer community. I started contributing to AP in Java only.I suspect that the maintainer @ByteHamster would want to keep the code base to Java only.

If that is the case I still encourage you to contribute to AntennaPod in Java and the language of Kotlin you can probably learn through other means such as your own projects.

I have learned quite a bit by contributing to this Java project just through the maintainer’s code reviews.


Thanks @tonytamsf, I will contribute with Java while develop my own project in Kotlin.

I want to give my first contribution to OSS.

Nice day.


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