Could be added an option to organise podcast in files?

Hello to all,
I am new here but not in using antennapod.
I always wonder if it would be possible to create files with names in which you can group the podcast you are subscribed. For example, one file “geopolitics” would include podcast that the user consider in this matter ecc.
Excuse me because I do not know how to use this forum but I promise to improve.
Thanks in advance

This type of organisation is what Tags are for.


Tags are somewhat hidden though – you need to long-press a podcast and edit them via the menu there.

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“Hidden” for editing because it is something you do first time you subscribe to a podcast and maybe occasionally thereafter. Up front and central on the Subscriptions page for day to day usage when choosing a genre of podcast to listen to.

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Thank you lot,
Well I didn’t know about this.l, sorry.
I will try next time.
Antennapod is a great app.
, regards

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