Crashing of Antennapod (maybe not exclusive to antenna pod, maybe a major problem with the device)

App version: 2.0.3-Playstore
Android version: LineageOS 17.1, Andorid 10
Device model: Samsung A5 2017 Edition

Okay, my Sister has some problems with her device. (Apps crashing constantly)
After some fiddling I decided flashing Lineage, which was running good for a while.

Now random apps crashes. Antenna Pod is one of them. (That is why I am here … Just searching help for the first steps and for the time xda is read-only)

Right now I am looking at a logcat of the crash:

Since I don’t really know what to look at, I hope to get some hints where to look over here.

So in the log I see some permissions denied and hints about files not found …
Row 635(12-01 21:40:25.543): PlaybackSrvNotification: Error loading the media icon for the notification
---- Followd by a java exception log thing
Row 381(12-01 21:40:24.865), 385(12-01 21:40:24.913) - Permission Denied, Operation not permitted

Anyone could have a look whats going on here?

---- Background:
Pre-Lineage: Suddenly many apps were chrashing, even if not explicitly started by user
On stock recovery it has shown: Failed to clear BCB message:failed to find /misc partition
Tried to clean flash stock rom using odin, but user data was never deleted. (never really used odin before)
–> Flashing Lineage
Now random apps on start are crashing and the phone is randomly restarting. (trying to get logcat für reboots right now)

I don’t think AntennaPod developers can help here. Your logs contain native crashes - that’s pretty unrelated to AntennaPod. App development and ROM development are different things.

Yeah I know, it is quite the wrong forum…

But I hoped someone could see why Antenna Pod is crashing
If it happens because it can’t access /misc or what else triggers it.