Cross Platform Podcast Listening

I am currently considering and testing a migration from Pocketcasts to Antennapod. I selfhost my own Nextcloud instance and have installed the Gpoddersync app in hopes of having the ability to sync podcast data extensively, especially play status and playback position.

I am interested to hear if anyone has experience using Antennapod for Android and seamlessly switching between Linux or Windows computers, either with corresponding native apps that support the Gpoddersync or with a web application that can be self-hosted.

I fully understand that Antennapod itself is Android only presently, but I am curious if I can seamlessly jump between apps with syncing I can control. Anyone have a success story?

In case you are looking for a desktop client, I think KDE Kasts is quite nice.


Thank you for the suggestion. Based on this, I take it to mean that with the Nextcloud Gpodder sync it works well to go between the two apps seamlessly?

I haven’t tried it myself but I think the Kasts developer has tested quite a lot with AntennaPod. At least they opened a few sync related bug reports for AntennaPod.

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I am doing the preliminary testing on Kasts nightly for Windows. It is buggy but that is to be expected on a nightly release. I plan to give the Linux version a spin as well.

Right now I would caution users who have lots of subscriptions and data built up to this point as it has required some manual fiddling around to get the Kasts state to match the gpodder/Antennapod state. But it looks promising.

I am planning to gradually move over one subscription at a time and have a slow migration.

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Please do chip in here with your experience. I’m sure it’ll be useful for others!


Sadly the Linux app seems to be just as buggy. I have been filing bug reports as needed but I am running into limitations.

  • Encountered a bug where artwork does not display. This may be particular to my system as I’ve have visual bugs in other apps that I have not figured out.
  • Apparently there is no time-interval based syncing, just manually triggered or triggered upon launch if configured.

A Kasts dev has been very responsive and helpful in bug reports. Several of the issues I have faced have been known issues with upstream libraries that have fixes in the queue.


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