Custom Feed Order

App Version 3.2.0

I’m sure someone else must have asked - but would it be possible to have an option of custom order for my feeds?
“alphabetical” or “by new items” is a bit limiting. I’ve come from another app where i could position the feeds to my liking (usually my most listened to at the top, but with some way of tweaking their positions to my liking)

I also do not understand the point of the inbox for a podcast app.
It seems to be very manual as to which are added to the queue.
For instance, I’ve marked epiosdes as played in the feed, but they still appear in the queue. why would i want to queue somehting i’ve already listened to?
(I must be missing the point!)
all other apps i’ve used before are simply “played” or “not played”
the queue baffles me a little
[I do not stream any pods, i like to keep them downloaded ready for action. (i live where signal is poor so i cant rely on streaming)]

my old pod player would queue whats playing next by feed/date
so once finishing one episode the next one would begin, or it would start the oldest podcast from the next pod in my feed list

If you are talking sorting options in the Subscriptions list, there are more options than just alphabetical and new, at least there are for me in the 3.3.X beta. I see sort by counter (i.e. unplayed episodes) and number of played episodes (i.e. most listened to).

I honestly do use the Inbox really. I have new episodes automatically added to the Inbox but as like you, I like to have my podcasts downloaded vs streamed so I also have my settings configured to automatically download episodes and then to also automatically added downloaded new episodes to the back of my queue.

I have the Queue page configured as my default page when opening AP so I’m immediately taken to my queue and re-arrange the new episodes in the queue if desired.

There is an icon of a magnifying glass on this forum, in the upper right corner. It might be worth trying it out. You’ll be surprised of the magic functionality hidden behind it! :wink:

If I understand you correctly, this is for all practical concerns a duplicate of the Feature request here below, right?

It reads to as if your own thread below is another duplicate, but maybe I’m confusing feeds and subscriptions to be the same thing when in fact they are not? Isn’t a subscription a podcast, with a one-to-one mapping to its RSS feed? Could you perhaps enlighten me of where I might be confusing things?