D-Pad on ATV - How to subscribe to video podcast?


D-Pad on Android TV
How to subscribe to video podcast? I somehow can’t click the subscribe button in blue.

Strange, you should be able to.

Just to confirm, you went to “add a podcast” screen the chosen a podcast and you get to see podcast with it’s episodes and you’re speaking about the big rectangular button at top?

If so, does it work when picking one of the suggested podcast in “add a podcast” screen?

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If I understand the question correctly, the key point of this question is using AntennaPod on a device navigated using D-Pad rather than a touch screen. Correctly understood?

Unfortunately I too can not figure out how to press the subscribe button using the D-Pad. There is an issue on GitHub covering it:

Would be great if that one could be fixed. Anyone who has any ideas on the topic is welcome to help out. My guess is that a start would be to look at how elements are structured in the resource files, but I’m out of my depth and am merely speculating on how to solve it.


Correct. I can’t add podcasts to the client.

If I understand Support keyboard navigation  |  Android Developers correctly, it should be possible to make D-Key navigation work simply by making sure all focusable elements required to have their focus attributes have them.

In this specific case, that appears @+id/listView does seem to lack all such attributes. Maybe something like adding android:nextFocusUp from there to @+id/subscribeButton would do the trick? Looking at the file, I would suspect focus to travel naturally already. So it is also highly likely that the solution is more complex than that.

Unfortunately I currently lack an android development environment. Would anyone having access to such tools be able to try whether adding an attribute as above is all that is needed?

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