Danish translation

Hi! I’d like to contribute to the Danish translation and have taken a look at Transifex where there are quite a few unriewed strings. And I’ve also noticed that the translations in Transifex and what’s actually written in the app or in Google Play is not always the same, even if the translation has been made several months ago. Two examples: the settings page in the app has a typo and word with missing capitalization (despite the translations being correct in Transifex), while the description in Google Play is correct while it’s not correct in Transifex (where “open source” is translated more or less literally).

So I was just wondering where to start, if my help is needed at all! And keep up the good work, thanks for a great app!

Hi! Welcome to the AntennaPod forum!

That’s nice to hear :slight_smile:

I saw that you requested the “Danish (Denmark)” language on Transifex. I think it would be better to use the general Danish language instead of adding the country-specific one. The reason is that it leads to inconsistencies and confusion when for example “Danish (Denmark)” is 100% translated but “Danish” is not. Users would then see an incomplete translation. So unless there is a really good reason to translate to the same language twice, I suggest to just use a single one.

Review status currently does not have an influence on how the translations are used.

The most recent pull of translations from Transifex was on Feb. 4 for version 2.1.3, which is currently in beta. For version 2.1.2, the translations were pulled on Jan. 1st.

When was the typo fixed on Transifex?

Hmm, yeah, the last update of the Google Play Store page was quite some time ago. I added that to my ToDo list.

We are always happy about help because the whole project is developed by volunteers in our free time (as you probably know). I saw that the Danish translation is nearly 100% complete. If you want to spend some more time helping AntennaPod, you can also stick around on the forum and see if there are users you can help. For replying to most of the support requests, you don’t need to be a developer - just an active user of the app :slight_smile:

Great, thanks a lot! I did indeed wonder why you can pick two versions of the same language… The typo was fixed on Transifex “a month ago”, so I guess it’s been pulled to 2.1.3 (I’m on 2.1.1 myself). Same for the missing capitalization. So maybe it’ll be all good :slight_smile:

Sounds good, will do!


I am currently working on updating the translations on the play store page.

The danish play store description is not 100% completed, so it is not uploaded¹. If you already see a translation there, is must be some machine-generated translation by Google.

¹ Store metadata is only uploaded when it is 100% done, otherwise we would get a weird mix with English sentences. App translations are updated when they are at least 40% done.