Date in Translation


Currently Antennapod uses the date given by system.

However, some of these translations are outdated. For example, in the above photos, Feb has been translated as फ़र०. Nowdays, nobody uses sanshepsuchak (०) and the Nuqta (the dot under the character फ).

Adding dates to translation project can help make the text more up to date.

Any idea on if and when the above change would be implemented?

Hi @Yang,
Personally I feel that we shouldn’t include the translations for dates. It’s extra work for our translators while it has little benefit (many hindi users, but from your post I gather it’s still understandable). I would say this should be changed ‘upstream’ (i.e. in Android).

WDYT @ByteHamster @femmdi?

If anything, we can maybe help identify where these translations are hosted & how to suggest an edit (if at all possible).


Searching the Android Open Source Project code for the Dutch word augustus(you may guess which month that is) there are 35 results but all of them are from ‘external’ projects:

Searching for how or where Android’s translation or done, or how/where to submit translation errors, I couldn’t find anything helpful either :confused:

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