Default Options for feeds

app version 3.2.0

it would be nice to have a default list of options when adding new pods.
i have just moved from another podcast player and it’s very tedious having to set up each pod manually, rather than having a global option as default.
we could then tweak each indivual pod further if required

Not a dev, just want to understand this FR better.

What options (could you provide an example) are you tweaking for each podcast?

I think most of the things on each podcast have setting “Global default”, which suggests that there is an option in global settings just for that.

Consider a few screenshots so that everyone is on the same page.


Koorool, thanks for asking

see snip from previous app’s “Global Feed” Setting

and these are screens from “Feed Options”

But actually which settings do you change in AntennaPod? Or are you requesting new settings that do not exists?

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it would be nice to be able to change certain settings for individula feeds.

for instance - any news/politics pods i follow - i’d always like to have pods from the last week available (and for any older ones to be marked as played and forgotten about)
any crime/comedy podcasts where i need to listen to every episode i need to act differently.

I’m fairly new to antenna pod and i’m trying to work out how things i’ve alwasy done with pods can be done here

Out of interest which other podcatcher apps let you have this level of fine control over episode retention/forgetting?

Edit: Ah! Pocket Casts does.

oh sorry, I thought this was feature requests - not other app suggestions…

Oh sorry. I though any input would be welcomed.