Delete downloaded podcast after definied time

App version: 2.5.0 from PlayStore

The list of downloaded files is very large. There are very old episodes:

**It will be great, I thing, to delete episodes after a definied period of time, for example: after 1 month **:

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This would be very useful. There is currently an option to delete episodes which have been played, but only when making room for new episodes to be downloaded (i.e. when you have set a max number of episodes to keep on your device).

I personally do not limit the number of downloads, so automatic cleanup of played episodes will never happen for me. There are certain podcast episodes I decide not to listen to, and currently I have to both delete the episode and mark it as played (2 separate actions). If I simply mark it as played, the file will stay on my device forever, or until I manually delete it.

Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for.
Or, at least manual procedure as:

  1. Select all episodes older than…
  2. Delete it (in just one step).
    Thank you.