Delete episodes on "Mark Played" when Auto-delete enabled

App version: 2.1.1 (a7c6e697c) from Google Play

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:

When “Auto-delete” is enabled, episodes should also be deleted when they’re marked “Played” as that’s equivalent to reaching the end of playback


App version: 2.1.3 (f7409c08a)

I agree, I have the same issue, although it seems to me like a bug, but if it is not and this is done by design, than please add this feature ASAP, my storage is constantly exploding because of that

I agree this would be immensely helpful especially with newly launched mark as played. Else at-least add option to delete on swipe actions. As deleting episode also removes it from queue.

I was just coming here to ask for the same. Delete removes it from the queue but doesn’t mark it as played. That’s fine.

I’d love it if you could hit mark as played from the queue and it would delete the download and remove it from the queue.

This is the one feature that this app is missing.

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