Deleting Files from AntennaPod


This may have been said before, but it would be cool to be able to delete files from within AntennaPod. (From folders you added like a podcast.) Currently I have to remember the file names and do it in my file explorer. Maybe even a ‘delete all listened to files’ button.

You can delete downloaded files by:

  • Long tapping on them and selecting Delete, basically from any screen where you see episodes
  • Navigating to Downloads > Completed and using the Delete icon
  • Automatically, using the Storage > Auto Delete option

From a UI point of view, it would be interesting to know why none of these seems to work for you.

I think this is about local folders, not normal subscriptions. Local folders currently don’t support deletion

Ah, that makes more sense! We have this covered at #5603. @Taylor.eOS, you can follow that ticket for updates.

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Thanks to all responders! Yes, I was talking about local folders. (My description “from folders you added” probably wasn’t clear enough. By “folders”, I meant local folders on your phones disk.)

While I see that this has been suggested (and I didn’t follow the proper procedures for searching before making a feature request, sorry I’m new), I didn’t see any response why it isn’t possible or whether there is some technical reason why it can’t be.