Dialog box does not display correctly on a small screen device

App version: 3.2.0 (F-Droid)

Android version: 9

Device model: audio player Sony NW-A105 (it has 3,16" display, I think this is the reason)

Expected behaviour: When I select synchronization via Nextcloud (Gpoddersync), a dialog box appears with the “Proceed to login” button, by clicking which I can log in to the server.

Current behaviour: The dialog box appears, but I cannot scroll through its contents to click the button. For comparison: when selecting synchronization via Gpodder, the window scrolls and the button can be pressed.

First occurred: some days ago (I just haven’t used this feature before)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Choose the menu and press “Settings”
  2. Press “Synchronization”
  3. Press “Choose synchronization provider”
  4. Choose “Gpoddersync…” menu item
  5. A window with the line “Server address” appears on the screen. The window cannot be scrolled until the “Proceed to login” button appears. Screenshot: Screenshot_20240129-163440.png - Google Drive
    On other devices with different versions of Android and the same version of Antennapod, this window is displayed normally.
    If I select the “Gpodder” option on step 4, appeared window can be scrolled and the button can be pressed. Screenshot: Screenshot_20240129-163452.png - Google Drive

Environment: 3,16" screen :slight_smile:

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This was already fixed and will be released in AntennaPod 3.3.0

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