Different behaviour on two different phones

I have two phones with nearly identical Android versions and same Antennapod versions. When I connect the older phone to the PC, I can see the folder android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod. On the newer phone the folder is missing or hidden. Can anybody help?

What do you mean by “nearly identical”. What exact versions are they running?

Both Android 14, but the newer one has One UI 6.1, the older one 6.0. And the folder data is not empty on the newer phone.

Does anybody have an idea how I can make the folder visible under Windows?

I don’t think you can. That’s a new restriction on recent Android versions. Google makes it harder and harder to work with storage. From a privacy perspective, that’s a good thing because apps can’t read other apps data. However, it often causes quite a bit of headache

Seems like Google are taking the easy way out (easy for themselves) rather than implement a proper file security approach that allows apps control of their own data.

But both phones have the same Android version. On one I can see the folder on the second not. And on the phone where I can’t see the folder I see other folders of other Apps and I can look into them and see downloaded data.

Before I could not create this folder manually. Then I deinstalled Antennapod. I could create the folder. Then I reinstalled Antennapod and downloaded some podcasts. The folder remains empty. Where does AP store the files when not there?

It seems to be an issue with the Samsung S24. One possible solution could be to let users change the download location to the Downloads-Folder.

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