Different update frequencies for different podcasts

I propose an option to set different update frequencies for different podcasts.

While this could be set on a per-podcast-basis, a more convenient way would be to create a few categories, i.e. frequently updated, less frequently updated, rarely updated and never updated. Individual podcasts could then be assigned to the different categories and the update frequency of the categories could be customized according to the individual user’s needs.

Preferably, podcasts could be assigned both from a per-podcast setting and through a drag-and-drop feature. I myself prefer the latter version, I think it would give a much better overview, but ideally both should be implemented.

This feature request is related to, but not the same as:


The two can also be combined.

If the feature request to which you linked was implemented as documented, wouldn’t it pretty much negate your request and reduce the amount of user involvement required?

Not necessarily.

For some podcasts you might want a greater degree of control. I myself would probably set most podcasts to smart refresh, if that feature is implemented. But there are others I don’t need to update more than very rarely, yet others I want to check several times a day even though sometimes they don’t release anything new for a week.

Also, I assume the feature I request to be quite easy to implement, so it shouldn’t be too much extra work. Then again, I haven’t been coding since the late 90’s so what do I know…

I’m not a coder so won’t even pretend to know the level of effort required. :slight_smile:

However, your use case for the podcasts that don’t release anything new for a week but you want to check them several times a day seems like a very specific use case.

It could be but others hinted at similar situations in the comments to the feature request I linked, and there were other concerns there too which might be dealt with by implementing what I have suggested here.

Let’s see what those actually able to code decides. Thanks for taking an interest in my suggestion.