Disable auto-resume playback on phone call end

App version:
3.2.0 (from Google Play) (Android 5.1)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
When I receive a phone call, the playback on AntennaPad pauses (a good thing), but is automatically resumed when the call ends (not great).
It is inconvenient, because I disconnect my bluetooth headphones to take the call (the mics on them cause an echo), so when the call ends, the playback resumes through the phone’s loudspeaker - annoying and in some cases inappropriate - it’s quite loud.
I cannot even stop playback manually because when the phone call interrupts playback, AntennaPod controls are not available.
I have the “pause on disconnect headphones” on and auto-resume off, but it seems this setting is ignored when the playback is already paused due to interruption.

Suggested solution:
I would like to (optionally) disable auto-resume playback on phone call end.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details: