Display episode numbers

Hi, in podcast addict, the episode numbers are displayed, but I haven’t found a way in antenna pod yet. Can anyone help me? Check the image to see what I mean. Cheers. I am migrating across because antennapod is so nice.

Hi @GeneralMidi
Welcome to the AntennaPod community forum. Glad to hear that you’re liking AntennaPod so far :slight_smile:

Could I ask you to share the feed URL here? Then we can check if the feed contains this information. To find it, you can open the Podcast screen, then tap on the info icon. Then tap on the URL to copy it.

If the feed doesn’t have this info, Podcast Addict probably ‘invents’ (or keeps track of) these numbers. That’s something we cannot do: we have no central server which could keep track of the numbers, and if we would let each app install count the number of episodes in the local database, you and I would get different episode numbers depending on when we subscribe to the podcast.

Hi, thanks for your reply.


I think it must have the information, as it always matches up with the episode number as they announce it on the podcast, but I’m not sure.

Cheers for looking into it.

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