Display subscriptions as "list" in addition to tiles

AntnennaPod 2.7.1 (from Google Play), at
Menu > Subscriptions > 3 dots menu > Number of columns allows to organize the subscribed podcast in tiles with 2 to 5 columns.

I would like to suggest to include an option to show the subscribed podcast in list format, as available in many other apps. The list is frequently more useful and allows an easier identification of the podcast.

Attached, how the list looks like in another podcast app.


I would be very happy if this becomes a thing too. Its a nice feature

It would also be nice, in root Subscriptions view, to have an option to hide individual podcasts and only view tagged collections…or at the very least place the collections on top.

This would allow tags to be used more like folders…which many people have requested already, and I would argue tags are already functioning more like anyway.

In some future UI update, it would be fantastic if tags were to be able to be used more like tags per se, and be searched for combinatorially through logical AND/OR/NOT union and intersection (saved) queries. Alternatively, if sticking with the “folder” metaphor, just the ability to add subfolders would also go a long way towards the issue of podcast organization.

Just some food for thought. (I hope to have time to contribute at some point.)