Do downloaded episodes get deleted if delisted by creator?

I’m using a service to convert YT videos to RSS and then playing them in Antennapod (to break away with my YT addiction).
But the tradeoff is it only shows some of the most recent uploads.
If I download the podcasts,and they’re then delisted, would it be deleted from my device too?

Hi @Aman_Garg,

Nope, if you download something, it stays on your device, even if it gets removed from the source. That works because AntennaPod is fully decentralised; we take a copy (of episode information and the media file) and store it locally.

The trick, though, is to not delete the media files. Because if you do, it’s of course not possible to download them again if the source is gone.

Hope that helps!

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That’s really awesome to know that they aren’t deleted!! I was afraid that what if I keep downloading these eps and they get taken down.


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