Do I misunderstand the 'playback history' screen?

Is it correct that the ‘playback history’ screen only displays the relevant episode Release Date as opposed to displaying the Date on which I played the episode?

I believe that’s correct, yes. @ByteHamster, how would you feel about displaying the last played date here? It kinda makes more sense.

(If we’re creating a new episode thingee anyway, maybe we can clean it up a bit further and remove the filesize indication. Would help to more clearly distinct the view, too.)

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I don’t think we should remove or even replace properties of the list items. It makes the screens more inconsistent again, which we tried to avoid in 2.0.

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Well, what we did was removing inconsistencies without apparent reason :slight_smile: In a screen that is about your playback history, it is actually logic to display the date on which you listened to it. It helps find find back that podcast that you listened to somewhere last week and which you happen to talk about just now with colleagues.

Spotify event groups items in the history per date - maybe that’s a better approach (rather than displaying the date on each episode):


Yeah, that’s something I like a lot more than changing the episodes themselves :slight_smile:

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Ok. Goes on my mental backlog :slight_smile:

I actually really like this, YouTube does the same, even though they also like to recommend stuff in the middle of your history for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

In a recent PR it was noted that YouTube groups episodes into ‘This week’, ‘Last week’, ‘Last year’ etc.

However, that wouldn’t allow one to identify a specific episode you listened to, for example, last week Wednesday. I would therefore suggest that apart from ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’ we print the playback dates.

Spotify does the same. And they have a handy slider that appears when you move in the list (with simple swipe gesture), and which displays the date also when using the slider:

I think such approach would be very helpful.

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