Do not update all feeds each time

Currently, all active feeds are updated each time the update is started.

However if I know a feed is updated only once per week, I could tell AntennaPod: “Do not update this feed for 7 days after the Published date of the latest episode.”. This number (an integer number of days) should be customizable per feed and a zero would mean that the feed should be updated every time.

This would significantly lower the number of feed accesses and maybe inspire authors of other podcast apps.

Another feature could be another (higher) number that would show a symbol in the feeds list, if a feed did not publish a new episode since that number of days.

One of the 2.0.0 beta versions did something similar. It respected when web servers told AntennaPod that it does not need to re-check in the next x hours. Unfortunately, creators use broken server configurations, so we had to remove the feature again.

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I didn’t know about the server feature. I meant it as a manual setting for the user.

A setting that users could manually change could work, but probably not the way we’ll go:

  • it’s yet another setting while the app already has quite a few (and we aim to keep the app simple to use)
  • we’ve had complaints from users about app behaviour that was caused by a setting they had changed in the past but forgot about - the same might happen with a setting you’re requesting: “How come I receive new episodes for this podcast only a day later?” > “Did you perhaps change the update frequency for this podcast?”

However, this could be something that podcasters could more reliably indicate. There is a new technical initiative called the Podcast Namespace, allowing podcasters to add metadata to their feed. I submitted a proposal that would allow podcasters to indicate how often they (expect to) release new episodes. This information could then be used by AntennaPod to determine how often feeds should be updated, without the need for users to specify this.

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