Does the Auto download 'Episode Filter' support multiple include/exclude words?

Does the Auto download ‘Episode Filter’ support multiple include/exclude words?

if i were to attempt to add multiple words against either include or exclude


either separated by commas or enclosed in quotes etc

word1, “word two”, word3

if not, is this a possibility?

or even to include regex support?


/word1|word two|word3/i

unsure what the current state of this feature is

It is supported, separated by space characters. When multiple words belong together, they need to be enclosed in quotation marks: word "two words".

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Could the in app text be expanded to indicate this to the user?

current text in podcast setting screen

Episode Filter

List of terms used to decide if an episode should be included or excluded when auto downloading

or as text in the include/exclude window itself?

The dialog will get redesigned in the next update:


@ByteHamster nice, looks great and much clearer.

out of interest, are these case sensitive?

They are case insensitive

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