Does this exist? Personal Analytics for Podcasts


I am a podcast addict, I assume like most of this community. I have an idea and am verifying if something else is out there and I’ve done my own research, however, haven’t found anything yet.

While it may be hated among others, I use apple podcasts.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and would like an analytics dashboard and toolset to take notes from the podcasts that I listen to on Apple Podcasts. Although, it would be just a good start to have analytics, accessing all of the info. I need to be able to plug into an API and pull all of that data from my account. Is there any way I can access this or talk to someone about this? I have a lot of historical data I assume from all of the shows i’m subscribed to and would like to visualize all of this. Is this possible?

I think even an open source option that is an aggregator for any podcast app. For example, someone might use one or many podcast players, apple podcasts, spotify, etc, and they can have a plugin for each platform and pull data to aggregate it into a listener dashboard to visualize their data.

I encourage discussion and feedback, this is something that seems really valuable to myself, and potentially others.


As you probably know, AntennaPod is an open-source podcast client that doesn’t track you.

However, there is some subscription information stored on-device that might be interesting to you. Go to the navigation drawer > Subscriptions and tap the graph icon to the left of the three dots menu.

It will give you some basic information about what shows you listen to the most, your timeline, and downloads.

If you’re looking for a way of syncing data about what shows you’ve listened to with another podcast program or a hypothetical listener dashboard, I’d look into Gpodder and the sync settings for the device. I’m pretty sure the original Gpodder project is mostly dead, but the Nextcloud app works great. Look into this project for talking to the API,

As for Apple, Spotify, you’re going to have to look into that on your own. They tend to want to keep their data for themselves though, so you’re probably going to run into some difficulties.