Donation proposal: Fosstodon

I’m keeping AntennaPod’s social media precense up to date, including Mastodon. Our instance is Fosstodon, given the topical link, and we have 1.26K followers there.

After it was announced that Elon Musk would buy Twitter, Fosstodon was “effectively DDoS’d by Twitter migrants”. They wrote an interesting ‘post-mortem’ about it:

Recommended read, but long story short: they increased server capacity and thus have higher monthly costs. The 6-month reserve they normally keep (any potential excess they donate to other projects) shrank to a 3 month reserve. Taking also our current state of funding in consideration, I propose we donate €210 to increase their reserve with one month.

Please leave a heart or comment if you agree, or a comment if you have any reservations or objections.


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Hmm… To be honest, I don’t think Fosstodon counts as an “upstream” project or dependency as much as, for example, PodcastIndex. I mean, we also don’t donate to the Linux Foundation just because I use Linux when I work on AntennaPod.

I am neutral on the proposal per se, but I would agree with @ByteHamster that paragraph (5) of the Donation Expenses Policy would need updating if we want this kind of project to be covered.

If you consider going down that way, it may be worth adding something on how projects are prioritised (i.e. what @keunes is already exemplifying by proposing small scale projects/projects in need).

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