Download all back episodes

I wonder if there’s an option to download all the podcast’s episodes automatically after subscribing? Or I have to do it manually? I have subscribed to a podcast and only the most recent episode is marked as new.

You could use multi-select to download all episodes of a subscription but that will probably need quite a bit of storage space.

Thanks a lot. I wonder if it’s possible just to mark them all new so they were auto-downloaded as I listen to them?

No, that’s not possible. (also, I think the auto-download feature should be completely independent from the “new” state)

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I see. So if I subscribe to a podcast, which I want to start listening to from the beginning, so the episodes from the oldest to the newest popping up in my queue, what should I do?

Unfortunately, you can currently only download them all at once (or in smaller batches) using multi-select. At the moment, auto-download does not work for your use-case.

Thanks a lot! Now it’s clear.

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