Download directory change

I just installed AntennaPod and tryed unsuccessfully to change the download directory.
Did I miss something?
Thanks in advance,

Did you find setting to change download directory in settings / storage / choose directory ?
If you did and it it didn’t work then I would suggest to check if AntennaPod has storage authorisation.

Thanks for answering.

Yes, I found “change directory” and gave “storage authorization”, but apparently the only choice is between local storage and SD card. There is no way to change the directory (…) inside the local storage.

Is it an android application rule or an application limitation ?

Same here but with no choice…I haven’t a SD card.
Someone else will have to answer but I think it’s linked to android. My android version is 10.

For using other folders than the application specific one, Android requires that quite a few things need to be done differently. Starting with Android 11, using other folders than the application specific one is even more complicated. It’s still possible but it requires a rewrite of big parts of the app (which will likely introduce tons of new bugs and things we need to take care of) with only a small list of advantages.


OK I understand. AntennaPod is great anyway !
Thanks for your explanations