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Hi all.

Love antennapod.

I swear by it.

Weird issue suddenly started up.

Don’t know if app recieved a recent update or it’s my phone but it has suddenly started vibrating throughout the download of a new episode.

Normal notifications for all other apps.

Samsung s8 android 9

Any suggestions?

It will vibrate for the full duration of the download lol

Not sure what to do.

Surprised me on a cycle home today as my phone began spewing notifications!!!

Best wishes,

Frankie T-H

Hello Frankie, did you check notification settings ? Not settings in the app but the one in android where you can set permissions / authorisation. Or if you have notification displayed you can slide the notification to access its settings.
I think you could have notification set to vibrate when downloading.


So grateful for the help.

Not sure how settings changed but you were right

Thank you.

Use this daily since discovery at least 3 years ago

Amended successfully


Glad you found the new settings. AntennaPod is going through changes all the time, so improvements are always being pushed to users.

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