Download only via Mobile Data?

Hello i got a Problem with downloading Episodes.
It always want me to put the setting on that i can load via mobile data for 10 Minutes, even when i only have wifi on. (Problem is the download will stop when 10 minutes are over)
I dont want turn the option permanently on in case i accidentally start downloading with only mobile data.

This Problem is pretty new, i use this App longer then 1 year and i have this few days maybe a week.


Android version: 9
OS version: 4.4.111-18920278
AntennaPod version: 2.0.3
Model: SM-G955F
Device: dream2lte
Product: dream2ltexx

No crash report recorded

Do you use ProtonVPN? If so, try adding an exception for AntennaPod. I did not investigate this further but my guess would be that they now tell apps to try to reduce data usage, which AntennaPod currently interprets as “mobile network”.

This happened to me previously in one of the beta versions of 2.0, but subsequently disappeared. I usually only download over WiFi. In that instance I only had mobile data available and really wanted to listen to a new episode.

After downloading over mobile data, it did a similar behaviour as @Momo describes when I was back in WiFi; however, it stopped a few days later after another update. I cannot duplicate the problem now.

Yes it stopped now for me too. Verry weird dont know what it was.