Downloading but placing an inbox rather than queue

I am very happy with most of my subscriptions automatically downloading and going into the queue.

I have other subscriptions that produce multiple episodes per day, The subscriptions are news podcasts that I’m subscribed to. I would prefer that they remain in the inbox so that I can select the most recent to add to the queue rather than having to go through my queue and do numerous deletes each day.

I had thought new episode action moved to inbox would do this for me but it is still moving these items to the queue.

I’m sure this is doable but I need help figuring out how thanks in advance

You have to disable auto download for those podcasts.
By default episodes go to inbox. And when you download them they are added to queue and removed.
Inbox is where goes new episodes waiting to be either downloaded or removed from it.

Thank you very much. I was beginning to suspect that was the case perhaps what I really want is a new feature.

I wish I had time to contribute to coding.