Dutch app translation

I have translated the app and website files. I intend to maintain the dutch translation


Thanks @oldblue!

Cross-post from Transifex:


preview should be translated in Dutch as ‘voorbeeld’
voorvertoning is only used voor photo / video not for audio
‘voorbeeld’ can be used for audio and images

@keunes I think you marked that string as reviewed. Pinging you here as I am not sure you get the issue comments on Transifex (especially since it was your old Transifex account)

Hi @oldblue, sorry to reply only now. I checked the dictionary (dikke Van Dale) and I don’t see an indication that voorvertoning is only used for photo / video and not for audio. Also, none of the explanations for ‘voorbeeld’ point to its use in the context we need it for:

So I’d be inclined to keep it as is.

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