Editing the headline in "episodes"

Is it possible to have the name of the podcast appear in the list of episodes instead of the name of the episode?

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

Hi and sorry for the late reply. There is not an option to do this. You are probably asking because your podcasts use different icons for each episode, so you can not tell them apart based on the icon. Try disabling the setting Use episode covers to make AntennaPod show all episodes of a podcast with the same icon.

I had never switched on the episode pictures.
Nevertheless, it is difficult to identify which podcast it is. I have subscribed to many and sometimes I can’t tell which podcast it is from the podcast pictures.

Instead of date and size I would rather have the name of the podcast in the first line.

Could you give us a podcast example where the image art work make it hard? You have a point, but I have 100 podcasts and I can tell which episodes they are

Can you recognise the title of the podcast?

@kosake FYI it will be solved in next version thanks to this PR
It would allow to use episode cover only in player view.