English text improvements

I was just translating the website to Dutch, and came across the following string:

I wanted you to see this

It is used for the email sharing button on blog posts, which ends up in the email’s Subject and Body. But it’s a bit weird - I’d never send such a text to friends or colleagues.

What subject line & body text should we give the sharing instead?

Edit: there’s also this string. I don’t see immediately where it’s used right now, but something like that would probably fit for default Tweet text and also email body. But instead of ‘article’ we should probably say ‘blog post’ ('cause that’s the only content type we currently have such share buttons).

Check out this article

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Hi @Kusco,

I see you added a comment on a text from our privacy policy:

The AntennaPod app only stores data strictly necessary to for the app to function, as provided by you, the user.

You wrote that it wasn’t super clear for you, and that you translated it to this:

L’application AntennaPod ne stocke que les données strictement nécessaires au fonctionnement de l’application, telles que vous nous les fournissez en tant qu’utilisateur.

Can you explain what made the English sentence hard to understand for you? I believe it’s mainly the second part (telles que vous…) that you changed?

Hi @keunes, thank’s for noticing that point.

In fact, a literal translation would be very curious in French.

On the other hand, to say “we only take what you give” lacks clarity. Facebook is doing the same somewhere. The user does not realize what he gives or not. Everyone has a personal view of what is implicit or explicit.

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