Episode description in episodes list

App version: 2.5.0 (6a366f0ad)

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Please could we have an option to display the episode summary for each episode in the episode lists. Either with all episodes from my subscriptions or episode list from each podcast?

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I think this would be a nice option to add. I see it as a “expand/reduce details” button, so if you click it you get the episodes’ descriptions (or just the first 1-2 lines if it’s really long, to read it fully you have to open the episode), if you don’t you get the basic info (title, date, length and size) like it is now.
Ideally the app would “remember” your preferred setting (or the one you used the last time you opened that subscription).

I too like this idea, some sort of different view, similar to some RSS readers “card view” that show a thumbnail, title and a quick summary.