Episode list involuntarily moves down

On my Android tablet, AP episode list moves down on certain ocassions, prompting me to scroll up again and again to view the episode on top of the list. This seems to happen when a new episode has arrived and when I playback and pause any episode. I.e. it doesn’t scroll to show the running episode, but always moves the top 3 or 4 episodes out ot view. This doesn’t happen on another Android.device so there seems to be a setting to prevent it but I cannot find it.

Any idea?

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I have the same problem. When I refresh the episodes’’ list the list starts moving strangely.
You can find a short video illustrating the problem in the following link:


Several have experienced this:

I have the impression that is a problem of Android display feature (webview?) processing the virtual screen size or a communication glitch between AP ad Android.

I think I see the following happen: the device calculating how many rows of the episode list fit in the screen depending on physical screen size, font and zoom set in the Android display setting. Then the device begins rebuilding the list by showing the first row on top of the list, second under it - but the calculation was wrong and overflowing entries move the list some rows up, shifting the top couple of rows out of sight!

This does not happen on a second device and maybe it can be prevented by finding a matching font and display size in the settings - but this has other implications.

Seems to be fixed by today’s new version. What do other users say?

No. Came back. Very weird.

I did some testing, unsubscribed from beta an it seems the bug was hatched in Version 3.0.0 from Play store which was beta in February (see parallel thread mentioned above). Today I unsubscribed from beta - no change in version number or behavior.

Version 2.7.1 is on F-Droid and it does not show this strange behavior! 2.7.1 is the current release anyway, according to github, so I stick with that version.

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Done the same. Thanks for the suggestion.

Additionally, 2.7.1 is on Play Store now. It is very nice to see that we are not posting in vain here!

Will be fixed in AntennaPod 3.0.1

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