Episode takes very long to start playing (streaming)

Hey think there might have beeen an other thread on thia topic but seems closed, and inconclusive.

Have been using antennapod and noticed it would take a very long time to start an episode, settimes not starting at all

Doesnt matter whether im on my home wifi or using my cell data.

Dont think its the internet speed or the podcast feed itself because the same podcast eposode will start mich quicker (and more consistantly) on podkicker.

The load times can vary quite a bit.sometimes ~30 seconds, sometimes wont start at all.

This morning it was buffering for around 10 mins and then gave up.

Any ideas?

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Are you attempted to stream the episode, or download it first? I generally stream, and I have not had this issue. Perhaps try streaming another podcast and see if you experience the same issue? If it is a specific podcast that has this issue, I’d say downloading the episode first would save you from headache.

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Its when im streaming an episode.

Seems to happen with multiple podcasts.

Im at home now (on wifi), and it does seem to play fine, eill check next time im using my cell data and see how it goes

Certain podcast apps might host their own mirrors of some podcast episodes, maybe the original podcast server is just slowed, or maybe its a matter of force closing the app. I don’t really have that problem though so I don’t know what to say

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Behavior is inconsistent in terms of load times (somwtimes only a few seconds sometimes minutes) but podkicker is consistently faster than antennapod to load and restart paused episodes (testing on the same network on the same phone with the same podcast episode).

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Weird, seems to be working better now. Unsuure why.

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