Episodes and inbox? Why?

It’s almost perfect but why is there episodes AND inbox? They both seem to do the same thing? Just get rid of one of them. Also thumbnails never load for some podcasts.

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Samsung A50


Welcome to the AntennaPod community forum!

The Inbox is for new episodes; those that you haven’t interacted with. It allows you to dive into new content and prepare your queue. The Episodes screen, on the other hand, is where you’ll find all the episodes, including those you played & downloaded. There you can also quickly get a list of your favourite episodes.

(Previously we had a ‘New’ tab under the Episodes screen, but we moved it to a dedicated screen to improve the UX.)

I gather you’ve started to use AntennaPod recently. I’m saying this because the difference between the screens becomes clearer over time. Also you clearly weren’t around when we still had the New tab :wink:

Now, if you don’t see the need for either of them: did you know you can customise your menu? Swipe the menu, long-tap on one of the menu items and edit the Drawer items to your liking.

Happy listening!


On this point, please create a dedicated thread, filling out the bug report template. We’d need to know which those ‘some podcasts’ are in order to help.