Episodes in queue that aren't downloaded show as playable

App version: 3.3.2 (Google Play)

Android version: 14

Device model: Pixel 6A

Expected behaviour:

If an episode has a play symbol :arrow_forward: I expect that it is playable.

Current behaviour:

I think maybe when downloads fail then still get added to Queue but are not downloaded. They get a :arrow_forward: but when you hit that, you get a “file not found” toast and it changes to a download icon.

First occurred: Many months ago.

Steps to reproduce:

I just found a way to reproduce it

  1. Export your DB including a Queue from another device
  2. Import it into this device

Everything in the Queue will look playable when actually it’s not.

This issue probably doesn’t happen often enough to justify a fix. While I understand it seems like a bug, the audio files were not transferred.

What I do in your scenario is to multi-select all my episodes in the queue, delete, and redownload. (Make sure to turn off the remove from queue when delete option)

Maybe on importing a database AntennaPod could ask if you want to download episodes that are marked downloaded. If user say no then I agree their downloaded state should be reset. (Or simply always reset downloaded state ?)

I understand it can be minor but as AntennaPod offer to import a saved database I think it should be considered.

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