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Hey everyone! this is my first post here, and I’m really glad to be hereon this forum!
When episodes are marked as played, what do people with working biological cameras (AKA sighted people ) :smiley: see on the screen? does the color of the episode title change when it is marked as played?
I’m asking this because as a TalkBack user, if I need to know if an episode has been played, I have to long press on an episode and find the list item “Mark as unplayed”.

Thank you

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Yeah, the color changes if an episode is played. Do you think it would be useful to read the state with TalkBack? It could be read just like it currently reads “this episode is in the inbox”. I always fear a bit that reading everything might be too much

Ah, my guess was right then. Yes, it will be very helpful if it read something like “xyz, played”. TalkBack could read that at the end, after it reads the date stamp for that episode. Also, the sentence “episode is in the inbox” is a bit long. Maybe the string could be changed to “in the inbox”.
And I can understand that fear, but I think balancing useful info and too much info is the key.

Hello @ByteHamster,
I’m really happy that I can finally know if I’ve played an episode without long pressing on an episode. Thank you for making this happen.
However, for some reason, when I open subscriptions>XYZPod, TalkBack doesn’t tell me that I’ve played that episode, even though it’s marked as such. Could you please clarify if this is an intentional behavior or a bug?

Oops, yeah that’s a bug. Will be fixed in AntennaPod 3.3.0

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